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Hint: It’s The Theft of Surplus Labor

Dr. Richard Wolff has an excellent lecture that he’s given numerous times that very clearly lays out several aspects of how capitalist production works, and he views it through a Marxist lens. …

Translation kerfuffles show up in the Anime Discourse™ like clockwork, or a bad rash. Though the details change, a few core items remain the same each and every time. One of these is a conflation between ability to translate and authority to translate. What do I mean by that? …

-Free! Starting Days-: Illustrated by Kohei Okamura, Painted by Shoko Doi, Background by Momoka Hase, CG by Kazuya Takao

Back in 2013 when Free! was announced, a bunch of doofuses got upset about it. That inspired me to write this parody of “I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major-General,” from The Pirates of Penzance by Gilbert and Sullivan. I’ve finally taken the time to post it here…

There have been 45 Presidencies in the United States of America since the inception of the office on April 30, 1789, when George Washington was inaugurated following an election in which he was elected unanimously.

Since that day two hundred and thirty years ago, the office has continued to accrue…

One recurring complaint I see showing up over and over again is the level of translation quality coming from official anime releases. At the crux of quality control lies the nature of the capitalist system. …

we’re eating ourselves alive

we’re eating ourselves to death, aren’t we?

we being humanity, that is

we’re over-consuming consumption

we’re taking and taking and taking more

we the people, that is

we’re progressing without progress

we’re advancing without advancement

we have everything, yet we have nothing

we say we care

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Anime News Network’s Editorial Conceit

The job of a publication’s editorial staff goes beyond managing pieces submitted by contributors. They set the publication’s agenda, they define its editorial voice, they determine what gets attention and what gets ignored.

Editors are the soul of a publication.

Despite its years-long slippage into irrelevancy, Anime News Network remains…

Edward Linley Sambourne, The Rhodes Colossus, Punch, December, 1892

The Western Anime Community’s 21st Century Imperialism

At the turn of the 20th century, Cecil Rhodes, 7th Prime Minister of the Cape Colony (which would later become South Africa), founder of De Beers Consolidated Mines, and architect of Apartheid, lamented in his will that:

the world is nearly all parceled out, and what there is left of…

I came to a striking realization upon witnessing the fallout that was nerd reaction to Szechuan Sauce at McDonalds vis-à-vis Rick and Morty. Nerd fandom is in essence a type of botnet, albeit one that utilizes humans instead of machines, skin instead of silicon.

To be a fan of something…

One Piece (Oda Eiichiro)

(and Why Buying Discs/Streaming Subscriptions Isn’t One of Them)

UPDATE: I wrote a followup piece to this one after a reader’s question, please read that as well.

In recent months there has been actual awareness raised towards the substandard working conditions in the animation industry in Japan.

About damn time.

The poor conditions range from low wages, lack of…

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